This is a fantastic service! Each box is full of, fresh off the farm, high quality fruits and vegetables. Call them up and order your produce box, you’ll love it too!
We ordered our first produce box this week. It is worth every penny. Farm fresh and local, can’t beat it. Support our local farmers!
I love the produce. Roy uses most of it at his restaurant. I like it because it’s fresh, locally grown and all of it just tastes good. The strawberries are amazing. I’m going to stop at the fruit stand and buy some local honey. 5 stars in my book.
My produce is always fresh and I’m glad to know where my food comes from. We’ll bring our boys by this summer!
I LOVE the variety, thank you so much. I’ve been receiving CSA boxes off & on throughout Turlock. Yours is the best variety i have come across. Real vegetables that i’m familiar with & can use right away! Love what you guys are doing. Thank you again!
We are really enjoying our Farm Fresh produce boxes! Our community is excited to have this wonderful produce delivered right to us! Thank you for your excellent produce and outstanding customer service!!! A++